Donate Your Concert is an initiative for all type of artists who want to contribute for an specific cause.
The idea started with the horrible earthquake, which destroyed big part of central Nepal, including its capital, where I opened a music school in 2007. The idea of the school is to provide proper music education to the Nepalese who want to explore the western music. The idea is far from trying to conquer Nepal musically but to give the ones who like western classical, jazz, rock, pop, etc, to study this music. We have many students who already have scholarships in foreigner universities, others who are traveling the world playing music and others who are making a living teaching and playing music in Nepal.
Now KJC is in need of your help so we can reconstruct what we build all these years. We have no idea when we will be able to open our doors and in the mean while the teachers need their salaries so they can help their families (many families live with the money the teachers make at KJC). Unless we get external help we won’t be able to do this cause we have no students.
KJC is also putting a team of teachers who already went to a remote area where help is not reaching with a truck full of aid, so KJC is already helping others.
If you want to donate you can do it by paypal, bank transfer to a Spanish bank or to a Nepali bank.
Paypal: mariano@katjazz.com.np

Spanish Bank:
Acc Name: Mariano Abello
IBAN: ES22 1491 0001 2421 0837 9922

Nepali Bank:
Acc. Name: KJC Scholarship Fund
Acc Num: 006 02237350014
Address: The Himalayan Bank, Pulchowk, P.O.Box 20551, Lalitpur, Nepal